Friday, March 28, 2014

Questionable Inventions for the future mechanic to deal with

And other interesting news!

This week on MSN's Auto Blogs, two postings were very noteworthy-albeit, interesting to me, as I wondered how the heck will these cars change the automotive aftermarket. How will you be able to fix the advanced computers? What problems will arise? Tire repair will become an interesting concept with cars such as these listed below:

In one article, they explain how cars will be able to read facial expressions in the future. Your car will acknowledge if you are angry, very tired, irritated, so forth. These emotional sensors are meant to reduce accidents by detecting human feelings. So that means if my car thinks I am angry, will it shut off in the middle of the highway?? Will it tell me something happy? My opinion-the more computerized cars get, the less talent people actually execute on the roads. I see my younger cousin look at her rear view camera rather than her mirrors and scream loudly "LOOK AT THE MIRRORS" as she almost gets sideswiped. The camera cannot see everything. Case in point. 
And don't get me wrong-a few future trends will be great for the road. Breathalyzers that work every time an alcoholic gets behind a wheel-good. But again, if I have a beer, wait an hour, and the breathalyzer doesn't let me turn my car on, I will be blatantly pissed off. How well will this work? Will it be mandated? 
Then, MSN Autos posts about the new Carplay-the iOS in the car. You will be able to sync audio, maps, contact information, schedule, EVERYTHING DEAR, into the consul of your car. Pros-love that I will have my favorite soundtrack, and calling my grandma is simply "CALL GRANDMA", CONS-I can see idiots checking their schedule, looking at the damn gps rather than the road signs, updating their shizzle, working on the computer-all while driving from a-b.
Then, I think about how this will affect the local mechanic. What will be the supplies? Will every auto shop need a computer tech employee to manage these cars? It will be very very interesting, no doubt. The change will be exponential, so expect to see HUGE change in 15-20 years time. I can't wait to buy a hover-craft when I am 60, let's be real.