Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Most Expensive & The Cheapest States for Car Repairs

(extracted from article: by Paul A. Elsenstein)

Fun facts for the Automotive Repair Businesses and information for your customers-the most expensive states and the cheapest states for taking your vehicle to the mechanic.

In 2011, studies show that automotive repair costs rose by 10% from the previous year, with a huge variation in averages across the country.

Take a look at where your state lies- (mine is Ohio, thankfully, getting my car fixed is quite cheap compared to the rest of the nation)-on this list. I find it interesting, the states with the lowest average repair cost are Iowa, South Dakota, Delaware, and West Virginia. The highest, some surprising and some not-so surprising,  are New Jersey, California, D.C. and North Carolina.

According to this article, the "local mechanic's" pay varies greatly with each state. Colorado has the highest paid mechanics, and Vermont pays their auto repair technicians the least amount of money.

Why the change in repair costs? The answer depends on several factors that vary from state to state. Vehicles are subject to natural disasters, different types of roads, varied average distance commuters drive, climate, average vehicle cost within state households, etc. Depending on the type of repair, the types of vehicles coming into the auto shops, and the weather most are facing, prices will fluctuate.