Monday, January 13, 2014

winter blues so I google best beach vehicles

Yes, I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I love this city! However, I am also a BEACH fanatic. I can't seem to get time off during winter this year, which is a bit of a downer, but I can day dream of a perfect surf day. Who knew so many people put the right surf days with the perfect surf cars? I found so many lists of dream surf vehicles, beach bum vehicles, camping, summer exploring; the perfect beach cars, both past and present. I have put a list together of these "lists" -ones that I agree with. I also compiled the 'in general' best beach cars.

1. The All Around Bestie- The Jeep Wrangler
I really don't have to explain this. From being a convertible while off-roading during both high and low tide, this 4-wheel drive no nonsense car is on everyone's list, both new and old models.

2. Take Ya Tops Off-The Convertible
Is there a better way to start catching up with the sun even before you hit the beach? Any convertible will make the cut, though there is emphasis on the chrysler 200, mustang convertible, and the miata.

3. Honda Element
The Honda Element gets great ratings for its space (totally enough room to sleep in), its 4 wheel drive, capacity to hold on top, and it's pet friendliness.

4. Let's Get Vintage-Toyota Pick Up, and the Toyota Van of the '80's and '90's
Its got everything, and on everyone's list of favorite memories.

5. Volkswagen Vanagon
A camper and traveling device in one! The surfer's perfect apartment.

6. Australian Holden
This car makes me think of the Beach Boys, forever and always.