I'm having a fantastic day at work starting this blog. Hoping to attract a few followers, remaining optimistic!
Here are a few Automotive Shop Blogs I have found that I have enjoyed reading so far:

Witty, sarcastic, and a true voice from an automotive service shop owner, look at The Shop Boss Lady's journal entries. An Inspirational Source for our blog! 

Another great voice, with very useful information for mechanics, as well as their customers.

"Yesterday's Tomorrow Today"=Very Creative, Interesting Site!

Education Portal's portal to ten very useful blogs, with everything from cultural knowledge, historic ledgers, one-on-one advice, to scientific advances in the automotive industry

Just A Car Guy

This guy has six other blogs, all listed, but he has interesting pictures, and if you like race vehicles, you should definitely stop here!

Trailer Park Limo

Crazy pictures, crazy name! Need I say more?

51 Excellent Blogs for Car Lovers

Oh man, look here! Here some of the already posted, but a ton more, wouldn't want to pick and choose, so I thought you could have the whole list!!

The Truth About Cars

Crazy amount of information, memoir entries of life as an auto mechanic, advertisements, catalogs, and more.

Cycle Goons

For all you roadies out there
Stance Is Everything

Really amazing photos of incredible cars that I would LOVEEE to own. Plus themed blog days, such as WTF Friday and Theme Tuesdays, event pages, shows, sponsors, all sorts of goodies, all about cars!

Mayday Garage

The Fast and the Furious meets blog. Pictures. Articles. Blog Archives.


Life in the Fabulous lane gone Motorcycle. Sweet rides, archives and gear.

Editor-In-Chief of HH Magazine, Bound By Ink, and Ultimate Wheel & Tire Guide, Associate Editor of Recoil's bad ass blog full of food-for-thought, drink-for-creativity, and meds-for-brain. Cool articles, many to do with cars, most show an auto-lovers interest.
Kathleen Schmatz

A blog by the President/CEO of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, an association that both the Shop Saver Express as well as any auto mechanic belong to.
The Gas Box
Hell yeah Cleveland, Ohio! 

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