About SSE

We've Been Around For Awhile......

Shop Saver Express opened as a company brand in the late 1980's as a catalog/sales company, distributing to the local and national Mom and Pop Automotive Shops across America. It was the President's intention to offer everyone affordable, accessible, and wonderfully sound products to help their automotive service shops thrive. In 2011, we began selling our entire product line on www.shopsaverexpress.com, making top-of-the-line products even more accessible. 
Our customer base has evolved over the years and our company continues to expand. We will always serve our customer base with products suitable for the ever changing +automotive industry. 

Shop Saver Express Offers:
-Service Reminder Stickers
-Interior Automotive Protection Products
-Service Manager Supplies
-Crushproof Exhaust Hoses & Accessories
-Service Department Supplies
-Brake Lathe Parts
-Tire Service Products
-Tire Valves
-Brake Line, Fittings & Assortments
-Fuse Assortments
-Electrical Assortments
-Oil Drain Plugs & Gaskets
-Miscellaneous Assortments

Our top sellers include:
-Paper Floor Mats
-TPMS Snap-In Valves
-Seat Covers
-Work Order Holders
-Carbide Tool Bits
-Tire Mounting Products

We sell high quality, low price items for the average local mechanic, our favorite type of person!

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