Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Common Fuel System Diagnostic Mistakes

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Article provided by Airtex Products, LP 30 Nov/Dec Issue

1. Replacing without diagnosing
   -Don't treat the car like a previous car who had the same problem.
   -There are 1,000 components in a vehicle, and there could be 1,000 different problems associated with it.

2. Not enough juice
   -Low voltage/poor ground can cause low pressure and flow.
   -Make sure that the battery is fully charged.

3. Jumping to conclusions
   -Make sure you understand fuel system before diagnosis, even if you have treated similar vehicles.
   -Faulty driver module can affect fuel pressure without fuel pump being the cause.

4. Same problem, different day
   -You "fixed" the problem, but the car is still not up to par. You need to start the diagnostic process over,      or the customer will come back.

5. Grounds, grounds, grounds
   -An electrical current must have a signal (power) & a return ground wire to work.
   -Installing a great system where there is poor ground will ultimately have the customer returning, it simply          will not work.

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