Friday, November 22, 2013

Shop Owner Tips For The Holiday Season

By Bob Cooper, Elite Worldwide November 20, 2013, Web.

What to do when you still need to drive up productivity, even when the holidays are coming up!!!

1. End of the Year Performance Bonuses
 Set sales goals and productivity goals for staff & technicians, providing them with motivation and the holiday spirit while working.

2. Schedule a Holiday Season Charity Drive
  Emotionally entice customers and visitors to your shop through advertising charity work. Its the best way to meet people who would otherwise not know about your shop, as well as give back to the community! Pick a charity such as Toys For Tots, Wounded Warriors, St. Judes, Local Humane Societies, Coats for Kids, Battered Womens Shelter, Food Pantries, etc. The list goes on and on!!!

3. Greeting Cards
   Identify regular customers, hand write, sign personally if you can through nicely decorated holiday cards.

4. Place constant reminders to your staff to wish customers a Happy Holidays, whether on the phone, via email, or with a consultation in-person.