Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WOW Bad Luck and HORRIBLE Service Makes a Madman

My brand new car had the worst weekend. On Friday, an old geezer in a huge pick up truck (parked next to mine) 'forgot' he had his snow plow on (he was also exiting a liquor store) and when he backed out, scraped the passenger side of my ride completely. While freaking out-I did get his insurance. On Saturday night, my car hit a horrible pothole and the BRAND NEW passenger tire blew out. completely. I called the Hyundai roadside assistance-free with my new purchase-and asked for help. The tow truck came and asked for the spare. THERE ARE NO SPARES IN NEW HYUNDAIs. What. So, the tow truck put the car on the flat bed and towed it to the dealership-where I thought I would get a deal since its under 900 miles. Then, the real tow truck called me. Apparently, my tow had been "sniped." After witnessing two tow truck drivers fight, fearing for my life (I am a small 23 year old woman, with no pepper spray, in a tow truck) and having my best friend speed like a demon to pick me up at the dealership-my problems werent over. I was stranded all Sunday without a vehicle.
Then on Monday, the dealership calls- NO HELP, $165 for a new tire. And re-alignment-$30. Ready at 1 pm. When I arrived, the dealership had no good information on what I should do for the huge scratch, laughed at me, and gave me a car with mud and dirt allll over it.
I freaked out. I screamed that they better clean my interior. The attendants, frightened and speechless, got out cleaning supplies while giving me a dirty look. I drove away very disappointed to say the least.
I will be calling Ron Marhofer no doubt to give customer service a piece of my mind.
A note to dealerships and service garages=when a customer has had a traumatic experience with an expensive new vehicle that they purchased from you recently, your roadside assistance was awful, your service station laughed at you, and your brand new cars are worthless on a Saturday night ( I can change a tire on the road, no big deal), CLEAN INTERIOR ON THE DRIVER"S SIDE IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO. If you need help putting paper floor mats in a vehicle, please click our ShopSaver Express link.
Bam! Rant is over.

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